We Need Your Help

The strength of the California Parent Alliance is in our numbers. If you believe that parents are the best and highest experts on how to raise and educate their own children, then you will love being part of our organization. Please fill out the “Sign Up Today” form, which will either be on the right hand side of this page or below it, depending on your device.

There are many ways for you to serve your community through the California Parent Alliance:

  • Writing. We always need more writers for articles, editorials or even just expressing your own opinions to your community via letters to the editor.
  • Design. We are in constant need of graphic design work for things like infographics and other images for our newsletters and other communications.
  • Social Media. Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or other platforms? You can help us get the word out.
  • Event Planning.
  • Photography.
  • Walking neighborhoods.
  • Hosting neighborhood parties.

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