A Petition to CVUSD to Adopt a Responsible Sex Education Curriculum

On February 26, 2020 staff from Conejo Valley Unified School District presented to parents and members of the community a summary of their proposed curriculum for sex education. What was presented, though, was not an actual curriculum with lesson plans, but only a PowerPoint presentation outlining the proposed topics.

The families of the Conejo Valley deserve full transparency about this important topic with nothing hidden. Our children also deserve a medically accurate sex ed curriculum written and taught by respected doctors, nurses and others with relevant medical backgrounds.

We strongly urge the CVUSD Board of Education to adopt the HEART curriculum, which is age-appropriate, medically accurate, and developed by a broad group of professionals, including doctors, psychologists and counselors – and it is free of charge. For more information on this issue, click here. Or watch this short video explaining why we support HEART.

Please spread the word. Share the link to this petition on social media and email it to your friends that live in this area.

IMPORTANT: The petition software requires that your email address be verified before your signature is counted. After you fill out the form below and click the “SIGN” button, a confirmation email will be sent to you that you must click. The email message can end up in your Inbox, Promotions folder, Updates folder or Spam folder, so please check all of them. If you don’t received your verification email within 2 minutes, please sign the petition again. Thank you!

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