2021-01-26 CVUSD Board Meeting Highlights

Here are the highlights from the January 26, 2021 CVUSD board meeting:

  • CVUSD will no longer consider “HEART” as a viable sex education option
  • The Board has voted to consider the following three sex education curriculums:         
    • “Positive prevention plus”
    • “Teen Talk”
    • “Rights, Respect,  and Responsibility”
  • Recently Elected Trustee Gill has proposed to have the concepts  and lessons shared in middle school and high school to the Elementary school level to “help reinforce” the lessons which will be taught in the later years of our children and youth

Our review of the sex education curricula being proposed:

We believe all three of these curricula to contain medical inaccuracies, be age inappropriate at all levels and teach past what the law (AB 329 and CHYA) requires of schools to teach.

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